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Banning uniforms – good or bad?

March 18th, 2014

Students of schools that have uniform say it is a “real pain” and “it is not really needed”. Although there are many reasons for and against school uniform, we as the students must see both sides of the argument.

For banning the uniform

There are many reasons for banning the uniform, like showing everyone who we are and knowing what others like, and what they do outside of school. Many children don’t like wearing a uniform because it is dull, boring and sometimes annoying. Students also say it’s not fair that teachers who are enforcing these rules get to wear anything they want to work (school).

For keeping the uniform

Uniform identifies one school from every other school in the world. Uniform helps everyone in the school look the same and it stops people spending hundreds of pounds trying to keep up with everyone else in the school on the latest trends. It also helps the community, if a member of the community sees a student doing something good (helping someone who has fallen or helping someone home with their shopping) then they see what school they go to and that would give the school a great deal of respect within the community.

Although there is always going to be a debate about school uniform with each generation coming into schools there is always going to be two sides with good reasons for each side.

By Nicole Duke

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