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The Gamer’s Review: Human Chop

March 18th, 2014


Game name: Human Chop

Strengths: In this game, you get to destroy tiny cartoons, because that’s your job (apparently).The good thing about this game is it shows the player what most people fear in life. Whether it is lies, ignorance and blame, or even “I am”. It shows what most people are like in front of others, we like to make ourselves better than what we really are. We essentially, show off in front of others to makeus seem better at things that what we really are. We lie to others about what jobs we have because we think others shall judge them for what they do in life. This game clearly shows that it is not the people we talk to that judge us, it is ourselves. It is the same when we blame others for our own mistakes.

Improvements: It however, does not explain what the player must do in the game. A story line should be incorporated to make the game more understandable to the players. Some of the levels may induce a level of frustration, which, unless this intended, may end up with players having bad tempers by the end of the game. I.E a broken laptop. The game play itself is still too short for the player to get used to the controls of the game. Many of the levels could give the players a bit of a clue as to which button needs to be pressed.

Final evaluation: the graphics of the game are rather good for the type. There are no problems of lag when the player plays this game on a laptop, however, there may be a small amount of lag if the player used this game on an iPhone.

Overall rating: we rate this game a 7.5/10

By Maxwell and Ben

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