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Interview with ice-hockey player Ruth McCutcheon

March 22nd, 2014

Ruth McCutcheon, aged 16, is one of the few female ice hockey players in Dumfries and Galloway. Ice hockey is known for being the fastest team sport in the world. The first professional female player was not signed until 1969; and women’s ice hockey was not added as a medal sport at the Winter Olympics until 1998. Ruth has made it her goal to play for the Junior Great Britain Ladies. In an interview, she shared her ice hockey experience.

Ruth with the Team GB flag

Ruth with the Team GB flag

Question: When did you start playing ice hockey?
Ruth: When I was 5 years old.

Question: What influenced you to start playing?
Ruth: I went to sign up for a bowling session at Dumfries Ice Bowl, but I saw an ice hockey training session, and I thought it looked fun so I wanted to try it.

Question: What teams do you play for?
Ruth: Under 20s Solway Sharks, Over 16s Whitley Bay Women’s, and Under 18s Scottish Ladies.

Question: How often do you train for ice hockey a week?
Ruth: 2-4 hours.

Question: Have you ever coached somebody else?
Ruth: Yes

Question: How long did you coach them for?
Ruth: About a year.

Question: Who did you coach?
Ruth: The Under 10s Solway Sharks.

Question: Do you have an aim?
Ruth: Yes, to play for GB Ladies in the World Championship.

Question: How are you going to achieve this aim?
Ruth: Right now I train at DG1, 3 times a week, as well as my ice hockey training.

Question: What do you feel you have gained from playing ice hockey?
Ruth: Mainly commitment and a really strong work ethic. But also good teamwork skills.

Ruth is planning on competing with the Whitley Bay Women’s team in Canada in 2015, working her way towards GB Ladies. In the meantime, she’ll be using the commitment she learned from 11 years of ice hockey to keep up the training.

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