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Frozen Movie Review

March 22nd, 2014


‘Frozen’, directed by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, is the latest Disney animation, released in November 2013. It smashed records at box offices, becoming even more popular than ‘Jurassic Park’. It stars Kristen Bell as the voice of Anna, an optimistic young princess, who must team up with mountain man Kristoff and his loyal pet reindeer, to save the Kingdom of Arendelle, which is locked in an eternal winter by Anna’s sister, Queen Elsa. In freezing conditions they encounter mystical trolls and a talking snowman named Olaf, as they battle to save Arendelle and Elsa before it’s too late.



‘Frozen’ has been called ‘The best Disney musical since the Lion King’. The unforgettable soundtrack was composed by Christophe Beck. Interestingly enough, the movie was based on ‘The Snow Queen’, by Hans Christian Anderson, writer of the ‘Little Mermaid’. Four of the characters are called Hans, Kristoff, Anna, and Sven. Hans Christian Anderson. Han Kristoff Anna-Sven.
‘Frozen’ teaches girls that they do not need a man to save them, and places a strong emphasis on family, and sisterly bonds. Although it may not be the first Disney movie to do this, as ‘Brave’ did not feature a man, it conveys it the clearest.
As with any Disney movie, there are relatable main characters, lovable sidekicks and a greedy villain. What makes ‘Frozen’ different is the internal struggle Elsa faces. Trying to fight against her powers to protect the ones she loves.
‘Frozen’ has been rated not only PG due to the other snowman with anger issues and the snarling wolves, but also, 4 stars. It is set to overtake ‘Toy Story 3’, which at the moment is number 11 on the all-time box office list. The oscar deserving movie will make you laugh and cry. A little darker than most Disney movies, it will amuse and touch even teens.

if you are seeing this - good!