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Portal 2

March 22nd, 2014

Portal 2

Portal 2 is the sequel to the game Portal. It is a First Person game where you are trying to escape the Aperture Science facility. You find an A.S.H.P.D (Portal gun for short) and use it to get through the test chambers that are in your way. You can only use the portal gun on Moon rock surface which is white. The portal gun creates portals which are like doors. You can use forward momentum to get to far and high places. You can use the portals to deactivate turrets by shooting under them and somewhere else to knock them over or make them shoot their self by putting a portal in front and behind the turret then walk in front or behind it. Each level begins and ends with a transport tube taking you to each level, each level is a puzzle. The aerial faith plates can be used to go high up into the air or to go into a portal fast. If you are falling far don’t worry, you have A.S.L.F.B(Long Fall Boots). GLaDOS will try to kill you until near the end when Wheatley takes over the facility and betrays you.
Portal 2 is one of my favourite games. I like the physics part of the game because it makes it a unique puzzle game. This is one of the few first person games that don’t need you to actually shoot something to “deactivate” it.

Available on Xbox, PS3, PC and Mac
Can be bought and downloaded on steam for Mac and PC users.
By Martin Melvin.


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