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Game Review: Five nights at Freddy’s 1

March 14th, 2015

Five nights at freddy’s is an indie horror game series in which you play as a nightguard defending yourself from animatronics (Robots). According to the phone guy, the closest thing to a tutorial, the animatronics will see you as an endo skeleton not in its suit and try to stuff you into a suit. As the suits already have stuff in it, That gets messy.

A view of the camera in fnaf 1, The way to monitor the animatronics

In the first game, you need to check the cameras for not only the 3 animatronics (above) but also for ‘Foxy’, who wakes if you don’t check up on him every now and then.

In order to stop the animatronics you need to check the camera blind spots right next to your door and close your doors if they come too near. Otherwise…

The jumpscare of ‘Bonnie’, one of the main animatronics

As well as this you need to worry about the power. Checking the cameras, closing the doors and using the lights all drain power. If you use too much power…

‘Freddy’, the main character, jumpscaring you when you run out of power.


Whilst the gifs above might not look too scary, the actual game is a lot more scary because of how tense it is and because of the audio accompanying these scares (screams, deep laughs, etc.).


One of the best things about this game is that the story can be as deep as you want it to be — Most of the story isn’t given through cutscenes but instead through rare events and subtle details.

You can find some of these theories here but be warned, some of them are disturbing.

Verdict: 9/10

This game is incredibly tense and when you get jumpscared, you get jumpscared

You can find this game for pc here, for android devices here and for iPod/Ipad/iPhone here.

Five nights at freddy’s is copyright Scott Cawthon.

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