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Foxlake Adventures Thoughts

September 19th, 2015

Keen to try one of the world’s fastest growing watersports or take on a low ropes course without a harness? Foxlake Adventures offers you the opportunity to do both of these as well as ringo riding, segways, disk golf and the opportunity to enjoy food and drink by the lake at the Boardside Café. Having visited Foxlake myself I can guarantee you will enjoy yourself no matter what you plan to do during your visit.

One of the biggest parts of Foxlake is its cable wakeboarding park, the first in Scotland. This offers riders of any ability the chance to learn and develop their wakeboarding skills. Wakeboarding is a surface water sport in which you are pulled along by a rope on a board over the surface of the water, a combination of water skiing, surfing and snowboarding. This can be done either behind a boat or by a cable over an area of open water. Experienced riders can also perform tricks on the board. Foxlake offers two cables on which you can wakeboard, with experienced instructors to help you no matter what level you are at and a range of ramps and rails for experienced riders to use. On the same lake you can have a shot of Foxlake’s ringos, which pull you up and down the lake at high speed on big inflatables.

Foxlake also has their foxfall course which you can attempt. This is a series of low ropes courses suspended over water which people attempt to cross with, harness free, literally no strings attached. There are four different runs: Green, Blue, Red and Black with different elements which vary in difficulty. Providing you don’t fall in on the way round the course you finish off with a splash as you finish with the zipwire in to the water. With all of the water sports all equipment hire is included in the price so there aren’t any extra charges.

As well as the water based activities, Foxlake offers the opportunity to enjoy yourself on dry land. They offer both Segway rides around the surrounding woods as well as two different courses to play disk golf on in these woods. There is also a café which serves hot and cold food as well as hot and cold drinks.

Watch the video to see what it’s like to do the foxfall ropes course and stay tuned to that Youtube channel for footage of the wakeboarding:

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